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Looking for licensed contractor

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I need to do some work in my house and it appears that I will need to get a permit from the village and the city. So I think that means using a licensed contractor. I would love any recommendations that anyone might have to share. Thanks!

Did you get an answer  yet to your question above?  You don't necessarily need a licensed contractor.  However, depending upon what you are planning to do, you might need not only a permit from AVMHC, but also one from the City, which you get AFTER you are given the permit by our office.  I believe that in the Member Handbook, or on the AVMHC application, there is a list of what things require permits from AV and what also require permits from the City.  City permits cost money, and an inspector will come and inspect the job/s that are being done at various stages as the project progresses.  If you know someone who is good at whatever it is you need done, even if they don't have a license, you can still get the job done and it will be inspected by the City 's building people.  

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