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Does anyone have a nice AV townhouse that they would like to sell for approximately 75K cash?

Thank you.





Hello, My name is lileni Vazquez and I own a 1bedroom unit. I'm not sure if you would be interested in a one bedroom. If you are please email me at or you can call me at 415-250-0569. I am asking for 80k Thank you
Hello, My husband and I are interested in selling our Atchison village condo due to us becoming parents. My daughter is now 2 and we definitely need more space now. We live very confortable with great neighbors but unfortunately it's time to move on. My place has ... laminate wood flooring Parking in the back next to back door entrance. New spacious shed It's perfect for a couple or single person. New built fence. It's a one bedroom I know I had posted 80k for it. But my husband and I re-evaluated and we are asking 100k please advises if you are still interested. I am able to show it anytime. 415-250-0569 Lileni Vazquez
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Hello, Is your home still available for sale? Please let me know, thanks!


Richmond, California 94801