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Adding half bath possible?

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I'm open to looking at two story homes but only if I could add a half bath on the first floor. Many of my friends are disabled and can't walk up the stairs to the second floor to use the restroom. Is it possible to add a half bath on the first floor? 




Hi Deb,


It is possible that you could add a half bath on the first floor. I believe people have, in the past, put a toilet and sink in the closet under the stairs. However, I do not know if the City of Richmond would permit it at this time. You should check with their Building and Permit Department. It is not possible to add a room on to the unit however.


Another possibility - some folks have attached a battery operated chair lift on the stairs.


Christine Baetge


I live in a two story unit, in AV, and 5 years ago, I installed a stair-chair so that I could get up to the bathroom following several surgeries that made it impossible for me to climb the stairs.


Another alternative is something called an Incinolet.  It is used in RVS, and boats.  It requires electricity (and I believe that all of the downstairs closetd have electricity.  It doesn't require water and would easily fit in the downstairs closet.


Hope that helps.

Phyllis Mandel


Thank you so much Phyllis, I really appreciate the information. I'm so glad that the stair-chair has worked for you.




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