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Independent Senior Seeking Room For Rent

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Hello Community,


My name is Lewis. I'm the first person to say that the Co-op model in any facet is brilliant! I am retired from Public Radio for over 23 years, but still stay active in the community at the young age of 85. 


Community, I am reaching out to you because my landlord is fixing up her property and selling in the next few months. This means I have to secure a new place by 4/15/16. Below is some information about me for consideration of renting a room:


Kitchen/Bath Basic Privileges

Pets and Kids Ok

Retired (Public Radio) | Quiet | Independent

Can help with all house duties


Rent Range: $400-500

Reason for Move: Owner Selling property, looking to secure new room by April 15, 2016


Daily Schedule:  Includes recreation at the Berkeley Senior Center and Community Activities

Support: I have a supportive son (J.) to keep me on task along with family and friends.

References upon request.


They do not rent here -- maybe we ought to pool our resources and make an offer to purchase one of the units in next couple of months? 

Discuss with your son and see if this is feasible.

If yes let try and meet and then move this goal forward.

I do not need to buy/occupy before late July so I am watching the sales transactions over past 12+ months.


Richmond, California 94801