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According to the website, if you are a member of this website, and have signed in, which I have, you should have access to the Member Handbook.  I am signed in, and I was unable to locate it on the website, and neither was Chris Baetge who told me where I should be able to find it.


Who is responsible for putting things up and monitoring this on  website?  And, where is the Member's Handbook.  


Phyllis Mandel


Sign in ------ Pages and Links------- Documents and Pages ------- fourth item down after draft Hall Policy

Nope - that is Board Policy Revisions 2012.  I am looking for the Member Handbook.  On the opening page of this website it says in pink, you have to be a member and signed in in order to read the MEMBER HANDBOOK.  But it's not under Pages/Links, Documents & Pages.  The Board Policy Revisions are totally different from the "in progress Member Handbook".


Please tell me who in the Corporation has the responsibility for posting information?


thanks, PM #701

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Do you have "motions by topic" under documents?


If not, then somehow the web page does not think you are signed in.


The office manager posts information at direction of the board.

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