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Painting of the sign in front of the village

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I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the nice job that Robert did on the sign on the corner of West McDonald and the Richmond Parkway.


I'd never noticed it before and now it looks a million times better.


There was a lot of dead ivy that was removed too.


It's nice Robert took it on himself to spruce it up.


Thanks a lot!


Madeline, Unit 419, 172 W Chanslor Ave.



All I can say is THANK YOU!

You're very welcome.  I thought I would get some feedback on this web site but not much action on it.

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Every three weeks or so, the ivy grows up over the sign and needs to be cut back. The original sign created by Roy Iwake got covered by ivy and the same thing will happen to "Robert's" sign if we don't keep up with it.


ron kane

Richmond, California 94801