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The following requests need a Village permit


1) Fences


a)      Must follow the Master Plan (check with the office for acceptable fencing)

b)      Maximum height 6 feet

c)      No front yard or side yard fences on unit-side facing streets are allowed


2) Sheds (temporary without electricity or plumbing)


a)      Must be on concrete blocks

b)      Must be located directly behind unit

c)      Less than 50% of legal backyard

d)      Must be at least 6 feet from AV unit

e)      Total of 120 square feet or less but may be in any configuration

f)        Peak of the shed must be 13 feet or less (Old sheds, prior to the Master Plan were 15 feet)


3) Security bars and doors


a)     AtchisonVillagebedroom window security bars must be “quick release” Security bars may not be mounted on siding

b)      Security doors (without framework change) just need AV permit


4) Doors


a)      Interior doors no permit required as long as the structure of the building is not changed.

b)      Exterior doors must be exterior rated, no permit required.  If the door framing is changed a City permit is required.


5) Patio and walkways:


a)      Front walkways must remain as original.

b)      Decks and patios must be less than 50% of the back yards.

c)      Exceptions are made for disabilities.


6) Toilets


a)      Change of toilet no longer requires a City ofRichmondpermit but still requires a Village permit


7) Wall Heaters

AV permit is enough, if no change in the location or plumbing, gas lines or type of heater. Modern heaters require larger vents and therefore a city permit.



8) Sinks


a)      If replaced without plumbing change requires Village permission only




8) Tiling


a)      Kitchen counter and back splash, City Permit needed

b)      Floors, no permit needed


9) Painting


a)      No permit required for internal painting of unit

b)      Exterior painting, except doors need Village permit. 

(Primer and paint Q816P will be provided by the Village)




Changing form or structure of building

Security bars in bedrooms

Shed (permanent, i.e., if concrete is poured for floor)

Patios (permanent)


Framing of windows or doors

Cabinet (hanging)

Plumbing, including sprinkler systems or plumbing in shed

Electric stove

Electrical, including shed



Ceiling fans (unless just replacing the fan unit)

Sinks, bathtub, shower

Washer and/or dryer (gas dryer needs permit, 110 volts does not)

Furnace, gas fireplace

Porch lights


Due to Historical Site status the front of the buildings cannot be modified. 


Review the Master Plan guidelines that pertain to your request before filling out permit application.  Permit request must be clearly written, show your ‘requested project’ in relation to your unit and must include all measurements.


Do Not attached anything to A.V. structures, Satellites must be attached to your shed or post.  External Showers are not permitted. 


Do ask the Maintenance Dept if they want old hot water heater, original furnace, windows, or screens, we may be able to use parts for repairs.


Posted by General Manager on 05/25/2012
Richmond, California 94801

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