Atchison Village Mutual Homes Corporation


Each member owns 1/450th of Atchison Village Mutual Homes Corporation, not the physical property of their unit. Rather, they have the right to live in that unit as long as they follow the Corporation rules.

Membership units are usually purchased directly from a selling member. The exception comes if a membership is terminated and the unit is reclaimed by the Corporation. Such units are auctioned by the Corporation. Prospective buyers may obtain a list of available units from the Village office or via this website. 

When a buyer and seller agree upon price and terms of sale for a unit, the seller then asks the Corporation to issue an Membership Application to the intended buyer. The potential buyer fills out and turns in the application to the Corporation office. A credit check will be run, and if the pending buyer's credit is OK and proof is provided of the applicant's ability to pay monthly maintenance fees, the Screening Committee schedules an appointment to interview the applicant. Applications for membership must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Posted by General Manager on 05/25/2012
Last updated on 03/08/2021
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