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Buyer ready to purchase in AV

Hi All,   My name is Paul Hunt I'm a local realtor and I have a buyer wanting to purchase a 2 bedroom/ 1 Bath townhome in AV  They're prepared to pay cash.  If you're interested in... more
Started: January 8th, 03:48 PMReplies: 2

Interested Buyer

Hi This may not be the right forum, but then, nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you know of people wishing to sell I am interested in buying and living with you for next 15-20 years.  I cannot... more
Started: July 4th 2015Replies: 6

Member Handbook

According to the website, if you are a member of this website, and have signed in, which I have, you should have access to the Member Handbook.  I am signed in, and I was unable to locate it on... more
Started: May 28th 2015Replies: 6

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