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Looking for licensed contractor

I need to do some work in my house and it appears that I will need to get a permit from the village and the city. So I think that means using a licensed contractor. I would love any recommendations... more
Started: October 19th, 02:13 AMReplies: 1

Looking for a townhouse for $80,000

Look for a townhouse for 80,000 massage me asap more
Started: October 21st, 06:58 PMReplies: 2


Hello, Does anyone have a nice AV townhouse that they would like to sell for approximately 75K cash? Thank you.         more
Started: August 30th, 08:47 PMReplies: 2

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Dec 13: Yoga in the Hall with Julie
Dec 13: Kid's Art Class in the Hall (offered by Richmond Art Center
Dec 14: AV Board Meeting
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