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Adding half bath possible?

I'm open to looking at two story homes but only if I could add a half bath on the first floor. Many of my friends are disabled and can't walk up the stairs to the second floor to use the restroom. Is... more
Started: May 31st, 01:50 PMReplies: 2

Looking for one story, hopefully 3br to buy

Hi Atchison Village. I have a few friends who live there and they cannot stop telling me how wonderful it is. So I am feeling ready to check it out for myself. I am most interested in a one story unit... more
Started: May 23rd, 11:45 PMReplies: 0

AV wannabe - live in/rent/buy

Greetings! I am an ecologist, educator and artist seeking to join the AV community with as low an entry as possible - live-in/rent or buy. Anyone ready to auction or transfer? Here is a link to a... more
Started: April 6th, 03:30 PMReplies: 1

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