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Painting of the sign in front of the village

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the nice job that Robert did on the sign on the corner of West McDonald and the Richmond Parkway.   I'd never noticed it before and now it looks a million... more
Started: December 14th 2013Replies: 4

Tired of being stuck behind the trains? This is a form to complain about the train horns, but also the form can be filled out when you've been held hostage behind a long train & fuming... more
Started: December 3rd, 12:50 PMReplies: 3

1) Dogs; 2) handbook is harder to see here than...

Megan Timberlake of 293 signing in, unsure what can unfold, but THANKING current Board for trying to get neighbors to interact productively. Please keep it simple to use this site: FaceBook & all... more
Started: February 8th, 04:48 PMReplies: 0

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May 26: Yoga in the Hall
May 26: Pet Committee
May 26: Shareholders Forum
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