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any condo for sale

i am interested 3 bed room condo. what is current avearage price at Atchison Village now? Anyone have one for sale contact me. PLEASE!  more
Started: December 20th, 01:44 AMReplies: 3

Good Neighbor Seeks 2-Bdr End Unit

Quiet, considerate single mom with nearly-college-age daughter seeks to buy an Atchison Village home and join this community. I am a full-time hospice professional and long-time East Bay resident. I... more
Started: January 11th, 07:23 PMReplies: 0

Looking for Unit

Hello, I'm hoping to purchase a two or three bedroom unit at Atchison.  If you are considering selling, please contact me on this site.  Thanks. more
Started: January 4th, 10:36 PMReplies: 1

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